Index of Articles for The United States District Court of New Jersey Historical Society

File name General Topic Date of article Newspaper Synopsis
bk5-9 Atlantic City Crime   Trenton Times Authorities try to find out who is responsible for the assassination of "the beer king"
bk5-9 Court 8/1/1931 Trenton Times U. S. Attorney states steady increase in federal activity in NJ was maintained during the past year despite reduction of trails by less then ten months trials by less than 10 months
bk5-9 Prohibition 9/29/1931 Trenton Times Severe penalties on beer charges
bk5-9 Stock 29-Sep Trenton Times Eastman Company must pay $853,500 on stock
bk5-9 Extortion Charge 9/29/1931 Trenton Times Motion overruled in extortion charge
bk5-9 Prohibition 9/29/1931 Trenton Times Federal agents seized 500 half barrels of beer in five trucks
bk59a Income Tax Fraud 9/29/1931 Trenton Times Son accused of "Shakedown" on threat of exposing concealment of income tax obligations
bk5-9b Post Office 7/31/1931 Trenton Times Plans for the new Trenton Post Office offer evidence that the city will have a beautiful place to conduct federal business
bk5-9b Federal Court 9/24/1931 Trenton Times A juror who failed to appear in federal court was found dead
bk5-8 Post Office 7/31/1931 Trenton Times Bids for the construction of the Trenton Post Office will be open August 23. The successful bidder will have 480 working days to complete the job
bk5-8 Prohibition 7/31/1931 Trenton Times Prohibition agents raided 20 speakeasies and arrested 23 persons on the charge of sale and possession.
bk5-8 Prohibition 8/15/1931 Camden Courier U.S. beer seizures are high in New Jersey
bk5-8 Prohibition 8/15/1931 U.S. Daily More jail terms are being imposed in prohibition cases
bk5-8a Prohibition 8/27/1931 Newark News Puzzle for Sherlock Holmes was a giant still in the Passaic
bk5-7 Sentencing 3/4/1930 Trenton Times Three bandits who held up and robbed a mail carrier of $3,600 were sentenced to 25 years in the federal penitentiary in Atlanta.
bk5-7c (continuation) Sentencing 3/4/1930 Trenton Times continuation of above article
bk5-7a Prohibition 12/4/1930 Newark Ledger Dry act is in jeopardy
bk5-6 Prohibition 8/6/1931 Newark Evening News Political exigency will not affect the war on liquor
bk5-6a Sentencing 3/5/1930 Trenton Times Payroll bandits given 25 years in the federal penitentiary in Atlanta.
bk5-6a Robbery 3/13/1930 Trenton Times Fourteen Federal Prisoners Leave for penitentiary in Atlanta, three of which are the Rocky Hill bandits
bk5-6a Robbery 3/3/1930 Trenton Times Suspects in payroll robbery are in the Mercer County jail
bk5-6b Arrest 3/1/1930 State Gazette Money from payroll bandits was recovered
bk5-6c Arrest 3/2/1930 Trenton Times Heavy Bail Fixed in Mail Hold-up, trio arrested in Rocky Hill case now in Mercer jail
bk5-5a Annual Report 8/1/1931 Courier Post Reduction in amount of fines collected in U.S. District Court of N.J. during the year ending June 30, is caused by more jail sentences.
bk5-5a Prohibition N/A N/A Absence of agents annoys the court
bk5-5b Prohibition 8/4/1931 Star Eagle Dry leader wanted out of district by politicians
bk5-5b Prohibition 8/4/1931 Newark Evening News People want a separate dry chief for New Jersey
bk5-5c Prohibition 8/4/1931 Newark Ledger Politicians who seek New Jersey for a dry district are defied by Pennington
bk5-42 Prohibition 4/7/1932 Trenton Times U.S. Attorney has filed padlocking proceedings against The Columbus Inn and The Wolcott Hotel for violations of liquor laws.
bk5-42 U.S Judgeship 4/9/1932 Trenton Times Three in field as selection for U.S. Judge.
bk5-42 Prohibition 4/9/1932 Trenton Times New dry policy of confiscation
bk5-42 Prohibition 4/12/1932 Trenton Times Eight suspected "speakies" were raided
bk5-42 Prohibition 4/8/1932 Trenton Times Prohibition agents staged a raid seizing alleged liquors
bk5-42a Post Office 4/7/1932 Trenton Times Economy may delay Jersey Post Offices
bk5-42a Income Tax Fraud 4/13/1932 Trenton Times John Delaney was released on $20,000 bail on charges of evading and filing false income tax returns from 1927 to 1930
bk5-42a U.S. Courts 4/12/1932 Newark News U.S. Courts will have school for jurors
bk5-42a Prohibition 4/14/1932 Trenton Times Prohibition director list NJ as the most difficult as which to enforce the dry law
bk5-42b Income Tax Evasion 4/13/1932 Newark Ledger Theodore Brandle is ready to face charges of avoiding taxes
bk5-42b U.S. Courts 4/8/1932 Trenton Times Jail terms given in federal court
bk5-42c Post Office 4/14/1932 Trenton Times Old Post Office building will be sold at highest bid after the new building is occupied.
bk5-41 Prohibition 4/4/1932 Trenton Times A truck marked "beef' was seized and 35-half barrels of beer were found.
bk5-41 Income Tax Evasion 4/1/1932 Trenton Times A joint trial is most likely for Brandle and Hurley
bk5-41 U.S. Courts 4/2/1932 Trenton Times Bench appointment merited
bk5-41 Tax Court Case 4/4/1932 Trenton Times Plea of guilty is made. Brandle and Hurley pay $88,721 as tax due
bk5-41 U.S. Courts 4/4/1932 Trenton Times Federal Court Congestion
bk5-41 Tax Court Case 4/4/1932 Trenton Gazette Brandle trail open on charges of income tax invasion
bk5-41 Prohibition 4/4/1932 Trenton Times 800 cases of rum were seized in Wildwood
bk5-41c U.S. Courts 4/4/1932 Trenton Gazette Federal Court Congestion
bk5-41c Wealth And Justice 4/4/1932 Trenton Times With the ability to surround themselves with high price counsel, rich offenders often benefit from negotiations beyond the reach of an ordinary man
bk5-41c Prohibition 4/4/1932 New York Journal Prohibition agents start work on a "Booze Blue Book"
bk5-41d Prohibition 4/5/1932 Trenton Times 16 more dry agents for duty in New Jersey bringing the total to 64 agents
bk5-40 Pay Cut 3/21/1932 New York Journal Four proposals for slashing salaries were to be taken up by the House of Economy Committee
bk5-40 Salary Cut 3/17/1932 Philadelphia Record Average annual income is less than $2,000
bk5-40 Federal Salary 3/23/1932 Trenton Times House Economy Committee agreed on a salary reduction 11 percent on all government employees.
bk5-40 Federal Salary 3/25/1932 New York Journal Organized labor fights US pay cuts.
bk5-40 Post Office 3/31/1932 Trenton Times Newark Post Office bids above budget
bk5-40 Federal Pay Cut 3/29/1932 Trenton Times Jerseymen fight federal pay cut
bk5-40 Prohibition 2/26/1932 Trenton Times Jersey dry chief sees betterment
bk5-40a Federal Pay Cut 3/17/1932 Trenton Times Slash in federal pay is being planned
bk5-40a Judgeship 3/26/1932 New York Journal Senate group favors new judgeship in N.J.
bk5-40a Federal Pay 3/22/1932 New York Journal Bill to cut U.S. pay is still in deadlock
bk5-40a U.S. Bill 3/24/1932 Trenton Times U.S. personnel bill gets support
bk5-40c Bankruptcy 3/29/1930 Trenton Times Two People held in bankruptcy are accused of concealing firm stock
bk5-40d Prohibition 4/1/1932 Trenton Times New Jersey leads in dry violations
bk5-40e Judgeship 4/1/1932 Trenton Times Phillip Foreman is endorsed for U.S. Judgeship
bk5-4 Incom Tax Evasion 7/24/1931 Trenton Times Samueal Singer "King of bootlegging" was sentenced to two years. He was found guilty of federal income evasion
bk5-4 Prohibition 7/21/1931 Trenton Times 53 indictments in alleged million dollar alcohol ring charged by the government
bk5-4 Prohibition 7/27/1931 Trenton Times Beer plant raided and three people are arrested
bk5-4 Sentencing 7/29/1931 Trenton Times Man convicted of selling automobiles must serve his five year term in Atlanta
bk5-3a Prohibition 7/18/1931 Trenton Times Four month term for carrying beer
bk5-3a Prohibition 7/12/1931 New York Herald Jury at Newark frees the last 17 people in the rum ring trail
bk5-3a Sentencing 7/31/1931 Trenton Times Samuel Singer was found guilty and faces up to five years imprisonment or a $10,000 fine or both.
bk5-3a Prohibition 7/22/1931 Trenton Times Two rum boat raid victims at liberty
bk5-3b Prohibition 7/14/1931 N/A Dry agents late again
bk5-3c Post Office 7/23/1931 Trenton Times Trial of the second appeal of the post office land began
bk5-3c Prohibition 7/24/1931 Trenton Times Three men were penalized in federal court for liquor law violations
bk5-39 Prohibition 3/10/1932 Trenton Times Judge rebukes dry counsel
bk5-39 Prohibition 3/10/1932 Trenton Times Agents are under new ruling
bk5-39a Prohibition 3/1/1932 Trenton Times Judge Clark ordered The rising Sun Brewery padlocked for one year
bk5-39a Federal Court 3/5/1932 Trenton Times Attorneys are to be on probation for five years
bk5-39b Prohibition 3/3/1932 Trenton Times Government launched a drive against the Rising Sun Brewery in an effort to seize equipment valued at $350,000
bk5-39b Prohibition 3/10/1932 Trenton Times Jailed on charges of operating a Burlington County still
bk5-39b Prohibition 3/15/1932 Trenton Times Federal Prohibition officers made more arrests and seized more contraband liquor in February than January in New Jersey.
bk5-39b Prohibition 3/11/1932 Trenton Times Use of new court ruling to remove contents of Harry's Malt Store following a raid in which Harry, the store owner, was arrested
bk5-39b Prohibition 3/18/1932 Trenton Times Rising Sun Brewery retained possession of its property after a legal fight.
bk5-39b Retrial 3/16/1932 Trenton Times Retrial for Brandle court case
bk5-39d Salary Cut 3/18/1932 Trenton Times A 15 percent salary cut of government employees was proposed
bk5-39d Prohibition 3/15/1932 New York Journal Attorney Medalie says landlords renting their place to speakeasy proprietors will be subjected to criminal prosecution
bk5-39e Judgeship 3/16/1932 Trenton Times Westfield lawyer seeking Judgeship
bk5-38 Post Offices 2/24/1932 Trenton Times Treasury Department Officials expect to complete three new post offices in New Jersey in 1933
bk5-38   2/19/1932 Trenton Times Pennington visit at capital revives Kean plan for a separate enforcement unit
bk5-38 Sentencing 2/25/1932 Trenton Times Lewis Stern was denounced when he appeared for sentenced in connection with dry law violations
bk5-38 Prohibition 2/25/1932 Trenton Times Judge Avis made ruling to libel illegal breweries in the state
bk5-38 Prohibition 2/25/1932 Trenton Times Clifford Curth appeared to plead to a charge of transporting liquor
bk5-38 Prohibition 2/25/1932 Trenton Times William Howey whose liquor violation case caused Judge Clark to declare the 18th Amendment unconstitutional was in court again
bk5-38 Prohibition 2/20/1932 Trenton Gazette Padlock proceedings against two Trenton establishments in which intoxicating liquors were seized, were instituted in U. S. District Court
bk5-37 Failure to Appear 2/18/1932 Trenton Times Judge Avis struck a blow against defendants who fail to appear to answer charges and who send last minute physicians certificates to explain their absence
bk5-37 Sentencing 2/18/1932 Trenton Times Trentonian's daring attempt to escape raiders was described as jail sentence was imposed.
bk5-37 Embezzlement 2/18/1932 Trenton Times Bank official pleads guilty to embezzling
bk5-37a Prohibition 2/24/1932 Trenton Times Judge calls speakeasies unlicensed saloons, in sending proprietors to jail
bk5-37b Prohibition 2/21/1932 New York Herald Robert Young, chief of prohibition agents, says he would raid any place where liquor was sold.
bk5-37b Court Case 2/21/1931 Trenton Times After months of legal procedure Lewis Stern was convicted on charge of possession and then was forced to ask for postponement.
bk5-36 Prohibition 2/11/1932 Trenton Times Judge Avis has ordered attorney to show cause why property seized near the Rising Sun Brewery should not be returned.
bk5-36 Opium business 2/11/1932 Trenton Times Clark and Foreman succeed in Federal drive against Newark Chinatown's opium business.
bk5-36 Prohibition 2/11/1932 Trenton Times Acid test of enforcement
bk5-36 Prohibition Case 2/11/1932 Trenton Times Seconds after Steven Innocenzi had been acquitted of liquor law violations, US attorney Foreman called out.
bk5-36 Sentencing 2/11/1932 Trenton Times Two Trenton men charge with operating a still were sentenced to 30 days each.
bk5-36   2/11/1932 Trenton Times Judge Clark declared that bonding companies were a factor in contributing to crime
bk5-36a Post Office 2/12/1932 Trenton Times Laying of the cornerstone for the new post office will take place
bk5-36c Sentencing 2/17/1932 Trenton Times Term and fine for Wilkinson in insurance fraud case
bk5-36c Prohibition 2/12/1932 Trenton Times Found guilty of possessing liquor and maintaining a nuisance, Carter and St. Clair under jail sentence
bk5-36d Insurance Fraud Case 2/11/1932 Trenton Times Insurance men from various parts of the U.S. testified in the trial of Wilkinson, who is charged with using the mails to defraud
bk5-36e Prohibition 2/17/1932 New York Journal One of the most famous eating places in Atlantic City was one of the three establishments raided by prohibition agents.
bk5-36e Prohibition 2/17/1932 Trenton Times Prohibition enforcement in the tri-state area is self-supporting officials of the Bureau of Prohibition
bk5-35 Prohibition 2/8/1932 Trenton Times Aide of dry chief is ordered to reveal why higher-ups in still cases are not arrested.
bk5-35 Insurance Fraud Case 2/10/1932 Trenton Times Government witness from England testified in the trial of Wilkinson and told how he helped "trap" the defendant in the insurance fraud business
bk5-35 Insurance Fraud Case 2/8/1932 Trenton Times Wilkinson trial for fraud opens. Government's case based on investigation which included three countries.
bk5-35 Prohibition 2/10/1932 Trenton Times Judge clarifies bartender rule
bk5-35b Liquor Law Violations 2/10/1932 Trenton Times Heavy term of Federal Court opens with 54 defendants accused of liquor law violations
bk5-35b Embezzlement 2/10/1932 Trenton Times Two bank employees indicted on charges of embezzlement
bk5-35b Prohibition 2/10/1932 Trenton Times Woman jailed on liquor law violation
bk5-35c Prohibition 2/9/1932 Trenton Times Federal prohibition chief promised to go after the higher-ups in all cases in the state
bk5-35b Insurance Fraud Case 2/9/1932 Trenton Times Wilkinson trial continued
bk5-35d Prohibition 2/9/1932 Trenton Times U.S. dry officer promises raids
bk5-35e Prohibition N/A N/A Judge Avis has ordered attorney to show cause why property seized near the Rising Sun Brewery should not be returned.
bk5-34b Prohibition 2/10/1932 Trenton Times Attorney Foreman instituted padlocking proceedings against an establishment in Trenton and one in Ewing, in both cases beer was sold to a federal dry agent
bk5-34b Post Office 2/10/1932 Trenton Times Brief ceremonies will mark the cornerstone laying at the new Trenton Post Office
bk5-34b Prohibition 2/9/1932 Trenton Times Wearied by the interminable list of liquor cases in the US District Court, Judge Clark sought relief comedy in the form of classical interpolations.
bk5-33 Post Offices 1/14/1932 Trenton Times Man denies attempt to escape
bk5-33 Prohibition 1/19/1932 Trenton Times Driver arrested and alcohol is seized
bk5-33 Prohibition 1/28/1932 New York Journal Prohibition agents made their fist raid in Newark under the Internal Revenue Law, which recently permits them to dismantle and cart away equipment of places found to be selling liquor on which no revenue tax has been paid.
bk5-33 Prohibition 1/22/1932 Trenton Times Dry chief hits dishonesty in public office
bk5-33 Impersonation 2/5/1932 Trenton Times Charges of obtaining money under false pretenses have been lodged at Harry Walker
bk5-33a Prohibition 1/29/1932 Trenton Times Two are held in liquor law case. A 2,000 gallon still was reported to have been in operation
bk5-33a U.S. Courts 1/28/1932 Trenton Times Jurors seek to ban obscene periodicals
bk5-33a Prohibition 1/24/1932 New York Herald 3 U.S. actions slated for Rising Sun Brewery
bk5-33b Prohibition 1/29/1932 Trenton Times Troopers aid agents in dry raid in inn
bk5-33c 18th Amendment 1/29/1932 Trenton Times Judge declares 18th Amendment illegal
bk5-33d Insurance Fraud Case 2/4/1932 Trenton Times Walker is held as impersonator
bk5-33d   2/9/1932 Trenton Times Committee backs New Jersey judge bill.
bk5-32 Jail break 1/3/1932 New York Herald Jail break plot fails; 4 Bludgeons confiscated
bk5-32 Indictment 1/5/1932 Trenton Times Trenton bondsman is indicted in Newark
bk5-32 Prohibition 1/11/1932 Trenton Times Padlocks sought in Trenton places
bk5-32 Indictment 1/5/1932 Newark News Five bondsman are indicted
bk5-32a Prohibition 1/4/1932 Trenton Times Liquor found in sewer after big raid
bk5-32a Prohibition 1/6/1932 Trenton Times Former dry agent's conviction is upheld
bk5-32b Prohibition 1/3/1932 Trenton Times Police raid huge booze plant. Alcohol and equipment valued at $75,000 are seized
bk5-32d Judgeship 1/13/1932 Trenton Times Lawyers request New Jersey Judgeships
bk5-32d Transportation 1/22/1932 Trenton Times Bus for U.S. prisoners will be in service
bk5-3 Prohibition 7/11/1931 New York American Rum ring case of 17 suspects goes to jury
bk5-3 Prohibition 7/13/1931 Trenton Times All are cleared in the Highlands rum case
bk5-3 Prohibition 7/18/1931 Trenton Times Four month term for carrying beer
bk5-3 Prohibition 7/18/1931 Trenton Times 7 Newarkers to be sought in liquor ring
bk5-3 Post Office 7/23/1931 Trenton Times Trial of the second appeal on the post office land
bk5-3 Prohibition 7/24/1931 Trenton Times Three men were penalized for liquor law violations in Federal Court
bk5-3 Judge Dismissal 7/24/1931 Trenton Times Judge dismissed a petition of Phillip Foreman to prohibit Joseph Scala from practicing in the Federal Court
bk5-2a Prohibition N/A N/A Jury acquits 17 defendants in rum trial
bk5-2b Prohibition 7/11/1931 Camden Courier U.S. jury given case of rum syndicate
bk5-2b Conspiracy trial 7/11/1931 Camden Courier Jurors in Highland conspiracy trial were ordered lock up for the night when they reported they could not speedily reach an agreement
bk5-2b Prohibition 7/11/1931 Trenton Times Jury still out on liquor case
bk5-2c Prohibition Case N/A N/A A verdict of not guilty for the 17 defendant in the Highlands rum trial was given
bk5-2c Prohibition Case 7/11/1931 Newark Ledger Jurors in Highland conspiracy trial were ordered lock up for the night when they reported they could not speedily reach an agreement
bk5-29 Prohibition 12/11/1931 Trenton Times Woman is held in Hofbrau raid
bk5-29 Prohibition 12/16/1931 New York Journal Prohibition agents seized liquor and equipment valued at $10,000 in Atlantic City
bk5-29   12/30/1931 Newark News Hoover's plan to save money wins support
bk5-29 Prohibition 12/29/1931 Trenton Times A distillery plant valued between a $450,000 and $550,000 is in Federal authorities hands
bk5-29a Prohibition 12/14/1931 Trenton Times Two Atlantic City clubs are raided
bk5-29a Prohibition 12/16/1931 New York Journal U.S. Seizes two Atlantic City rum plants
bk5-29c Prohibition 12/14/1931 New York Journal Agents seize $5,200 liquors in foray upon Cliquot and Silver Slippers Resort
bk5-29c Prohibition 12/30/1931 Newark News Brewery permit denial reversed
bk5-29d Prohibition 12/18/1931 Trenton Times 500 cases of liquor valued at $30,000 was seized off of a truck
bk5-29d Prohibition 12/18/1931 Trenton Times U.S. District attorney will ask judge to padlock the Hensler Brewery. This application follows numerous prohibition raids.
bk5-28 Judgeship 12/11/1931 Trenton Times Jerseys Judgeship bill is introduced
bk5-28 Prohibition 12/3/1931 Trenton Times Liquor smugglers unloading whiskey from a boat were scattered by a customs guard who fired a volley of shots
bk5-28 Prohibition 12/11/1931 Trenton Times Judge Avis dealt out severe penalties to a number of Trenton defendants who were charge with liquor law violations.
bk5-28 Prohibition 12/14/1931 Trenton Times Dry law sentences are heavier in New Jersey
bk5-28a Prohibition 12/7/1932 Trenton Times Mayor blames U.S. Officers in rum case
bk5-28a Prohibition 12/3/1931 Trenton Times Volley scatters rum smugglers
bk5-28b Prohibition 12/2/1931 Trenton times Loot for the jobless will be given if they can give any tips of dry law violations
bk5-28b U.S. Courts 12/5/1931 Trenton Times Now that Judge Bourquin's gone court officials can focus on their hobbies.
bk5-28c Prohibition 12/3/1931 Trenton times Dry agent's gun was taken by thugs
bk5-28e Prohibition 12/9/1931 Newark Evening News Liquor plentiful despite hard blows at bootleggers
bk5-27 Prohibition 11/27/1931 Trenton Times No leniency is shown by Judge Avis in booze cases
bk5-27 U.S. Grand Jury 11/27/1931 Trenton Times U.S. Grand Jury is highly praise after being in session since September.
bk5-27 U.S. Grand Jury 11/28/1931 Trenton Times Judge Avis and U.S. Attorney Phillip Foreman commend the Grand Jury.
bk5-27 Judgeships 12/22/1931 Paterson News U.S. Attorney Phillip Forman for U.S. Judgeship
bk5-27b Prohibition 11/27/1931 Trenton Times Wright gives judge and lawyers change for puns in federal liquor case
bk5-27c Judgeship N/A Newark Star Eagle Forman likely to obtain post as U.S. judge
bk5-27d Prohibition N/A N/A Dry raids net a still a day
bk5-27d Prohibition N/A N/A Beer bottling plant seized by dry men.
bk5-26 Prohibition 11/23/1931 Newark Evening News Believing the puzzle of the pipeline between Alyea St. Garage and Hensler Brewery was solved, prohibition agents were preparing to quit
bk5-26 Prohibition 11/25/1931 Newark News Rum raids in war hit gangs
bk5-26a Prohibition 11/24/1931 New York Journal Raiders seize giant rum plant
bk5-26b Prohibition 11/24/1931 Newark News Dry forces in new seizure of big still
bk5-26c Prohibition N/A N/A Police seize big alcohol plant
bk5-26e Prohibition 11/27/1931 Newark News Newarker owns captured truck
bk5-25   11/13/1931 Trenton times Fined $1,250 in bails bonds case
bk5-25 Prohibition 11/17/1931 Trenton Times Trentonian fined and jailed for liquor
bk5-25 Prohibition 11/20/1931 Trenton Times Federal officers and state police seized a 1,000 gallon still and arrested two.
bk5-25b Prohibition 11/21/1931 Trenton Times Judge Bourquin speaks on prohibition
bk5-25b Prohibition 11/21/1931 Trenton Times Pennington raids brewery after $3,000 excavation bares pipe line laid to beer plant from raided beer drop
bk5-25b Prohibition 11/18/1931 Trenton Times Pennington blames New Jersey public officials for failure to enforce prohibition amendment
bk5-25c Prohibition 11/21/1931 Newark News It will be up to the jury to decide weather the pipeline carried the beer or not.
bk5-25d U.S. Courts 11/21/1931 Newark News Judge Avis and Bourquin in ten weeks dispose of work usually requiring a year
bk5-24 Judgeship 11/11/1931 Trenton Times Forman qualifies for position as Judge
bk5-24 Judgeship 11/12/1931 Trenton Times The New Jersey Federal Court could well employ two additional Judges
bk5-24a Court Workload 11/13/1931 Trenton Times Judge Bourquin moved with precision in disposing of the largest number of cases ever to be heard in one day in the U.S. District Court
bk5-24c U.S. Courts 11/12/1931 Trenton Times Judge Bourquin declars America to be the most criminal country on earth, its laws are poorly enforced and justice is most weakly administered
bk5-24c Judgeship 11/13/1931 Trenton Times Suggestion that congress make permanent the judgeship vacated by the death of Judge Runyon, has been laid before the New Jersey delegation
bk5-24c Commissioner 11/17/1931 Trenton Times Oliver Somerville was named Commissioner
bk5-24d Death Nov-31 Newark News Federal Judge Runyon Dies
bk5-24d Judgeship 11/1/1931 Newark News Judge Runyon's death creates no vacancy
bk5-24e Prohibition 11/16/1931 Trenton Times Judge denied a motion to suppress evidence in the case of the Monmouth Cereal Beverage Company, and permit the government to seize five 25,000 gallon vats of other beer making equipment.
bk5-24e Prohibition 11/13/1931 Trenton Times Former fire chief held on dry charge
bk5-24e U.S. Courts 11/12/1931 Newark News Judge Bourquin characterized the U.S as the most lawless nation in the world with the most badly enforced laws and the poorest administration of justice.
bk5-24f Perjury 11/17/1931 Trenton Times Judge Bourquin penalized a man who had committed perjury in order to obtain his naturalization papers. The defendant was fined $250 and sentenced to serve one day in jail
bk5-24f   11/17/1931 Trenton Times Novel case brings unusual penalty
bk5-23 Prohibition 11/5/1931 Trenton Times Two more stills seized by agents
bk5-23 Prohibition 11/6/1931 Trenton Times Two men jailed on liquor charge
bk5-23 Death 11/19/1931 New York Journal Judge Runyon dies at age 61 after being ill
bk5-23a Fine 11/6/1931 Trenton Times Lawyer fined $50 on charges of obstructing federal justice
bk5-23a Tribute 11/9/1931 Trenton Times Court is adjourned as a tribute to Judge Runyon
bk5-23a Embezzling 11/10/1931 Trenton Times Postmaster is held on embezzling count
bk5-23a Prohibition 11/6/1931 Trenton Times Government padlocked one of Trenton's 3,000 speakeasies
bk5-23b Tribute 11/9/1931 Trenton Times Judge Davis pays tribute to Judge Runyon with warm eulogy
bk5-23c Judgeship 11/10/1931 Trenton Evening Times The need for two new U.S. Judges. Lawyers cite growing demands. Forman mentioned for one of the positions.
bk5-23e Prohibition 11/11/1931 Trenton Times State troopers seized two small stills and a quantity of liquor and arrested five men on Volstead law violation charges
bk5-23e Prohibition 11/2/1931 Trenton Times Padlock is sought on Stevens Alley
bk5-22 Prohibition 11/3/1931 Trenton Times A sealed verdict in the case of Yeskel Supply Company will decide if the government can seize the personal equipment of the company
bk5-22 Investigation 11/3/1931 Trenton Times Police probe death of a man who acted as peacemaker in a brawl
bk5-22 Old case 11/4/1931 Trenton Times Spared jail term because of the age of the case
bk5-22a Forfeiture 11/2/1931 Trenton Times Defendant is ill and his bail is forfeited. Judge issues warrant for his appearance in Federal Court
bk5-22a Court Workload 11/14/1931 Camden Courier Judge Bourquin disposes of over 150 cases in Trenton
bk5-22b Sentencing 11/4/1931 Trenton Times Two men were sentenced on Federal Court for misapplication of bank funds and for aiding and abetting in a crime
bk5-22b Prohibition 11/2/1931 Trenton Times Pennington asks for war on beer
bk5-22c Obstructing Justice 11/14/1931 Trenton Times The lawyer that was fined for obstructing justice cites that he was penalized without the privilege of a hearing
bk5-22c Prohibition 11/5/1931 Trenton Times Judge Bourquin has reserved decision on the government action to obtain forfeiture of property of the Monmouth Cereal Beverage Company. The plant is now padlocked by Federal authority.
bk5-22d Forfeiture 11/4/1931 Trenton Times Government is upheld in forfeiture case
bk5-22e Court Workload 11/14/1931 Trenton Times Judge Bourquin shows how to speed up court work and how to relieve court congestion.
bk5-22e Prohibition 11/14/1931 Trenton Times Judge Clark states he'd kick dry trespassers off his premises with the help of the police if needed.
bk5-22f Fine 11/4/1931 Trenton Times Two men must pay $2,000 in fines in bank court case
bk5-22f Prohibition 11/5/1931 Newark Evening News Judge Clark states he'd kick dry trespassers off his premises with the help of the police if needed.
bk5-22f Prohibition 11/4/1931 Trenton Times 30,000 gallon still shocks judge
bk5-22h Prohibition 11/11/1931 Trenton Times Alcohol cleaning plant is raided
bk5-21 Prohibition 10/27/1931 Trenton Times Two rum-running boats, with cargoes of liquor valued at more than $100,000, were ordered forfeit by the U.S. Government
bk5-21a Prohibition 9/29/1931 Trenton Times The smell of beer is sufficient cause for prohibition agent to investigate
bk5-21a Judgeship 9/29/1931 Trenton Times Phillip Forman is qualified for position as judge.
bk5-21b Prohibition 10/29/1931 Trenton Times The truck that escaped the Hoboken raid is captured
bk5-21b Judgeship 10/30/1931 Newark News Judge Bourquin will remain in Trenton
bk5-21b Court Business 10/30/1931 Trenton Times U.S. Court business in the last 10 weeks exceeds average in a year.
bk5-21c Acquittal 10/29/1931 Trenton Times Acquittal ordered on Federal charge of using the mails to defraud.
bk5-21c Embezzling 10/30/1931 Trenton Times Man charged with embezzling $536 from postal fund was sentenced to 100 days in jail, and must pay back the money he embezzled
bk5-21c Prohibition 10/30/1931 Trenton Times Bourquin's policy of imposing severe sentences on dry law violators continued in Federal court
bk5-21c U.S. Conference 10/30/1931 Trenton Times Trentonians are invited to U.S. Conference
bk5-21d Courtroom Scuffle 10/30/1931 Trenton Times Bourquin disciplined a member of the N.J. bar after the attorney engaged in a scuffle with a bailiff over a chair.
bk5-20 Prohibition 10/27/1931 Trenton Times Dry agents used a heavy truck to batter the door of a Newark brewery to get alleged beer
bk5-20 Prohibition 10/27/1931 Newark Evening News Beer drop near brewery is seized
bk5-20 Mistaken Identity 10/27/1931 Trenton Times Bourquin directed verdict of acquittal for four officers charged with conspiring to violate bankruptcy laws.
bk5-20 Mistaken Identity 1931 Trenton Times Prisoner's identity is questioned. Prohibition agents search for a man charged with a liquor law violation, while another man answering to the same name as the defendant served jail term.
bk5-20b Prohibition 10/27/1931 Trenton Times Prohibition agents began the destruction of a $100,000 distillery, which they found in operation behind a false front of a row of private garages.
bk5-20c Prohibition 10/27/1931 Trenton Times Three Trenton men were sentenced to a single fine of $500 for transporting barrels of beer.
bk5-20e Prohibition 10/28/1931 New York Journal Two rum-running boats, with cargoes of liquor valued at more than $100,000, were ordered forfeit by the U.S.Government
bk5-20f Prohibition 10/27/1931 Newark Star Eagle Prohibition agents began the destruction of a $100,000 distillery, which they found in operation behind a false front of a row of private garages.
bk5-20f Prohibition 10/28/1931 Trenton Times Judge Dickinson restores a permit that say one company has the right to 2,100,000 gallons of alcohol yearly for denaturing purposes.
bk5-2 Prohibition 7/11/1931 Newark News Jury acquits 17 defendants in rum trail
bk5-1a Prohibition 7/4/1931 New York Herald Lawyers clash at trial of alleged liquor ring
bk5-1a Indictment 7/10/1931 Trenton Times Two more of the 21 persons indicted in connection with the manufacture of beer at the Rising Sun Brewery, surrendered.
bk5-1a Fine 7/10/1931 Trenton Times Pleading guilty to the violation of the Elkins' tariff act, the Erie Railroad was fined $15,000.
bk5-1b Prohibition 7/10/1931 Trenton Times Lavine is among those freed in liquor ring.
bk5-1c Court Business N/A N/A Two Newark Lawyers testified as to the transactions by which the securities company acquired control of Newark banks. Both denied they had been influenced in anyway by Cambell or Weinburger.
bk5-1d Prohibition 7/7/1931 Trenton Times Four freed in bail on beer charge
bk5-1d Court Business 7/9/1931 Trenton Times Government and defense rested at the trial of 37 defendants charged with operating the Atlantic Highlands rum syndicate in conspiracy to violate the prohibition laws.
bk5-19 Conspiracy 10/30/1931 New York Journal Two police charged with conspiracy and interfering with federal officers are free in $2,500 bail each.
bk5-19 Court Business 10/21/2001 Trenton Times Michael Florman is charged with misapplication of bank funds and false certification of checks
bk5-19 Income Tax Evasion 10/21/1931 Trenton Times Shore man found guilty by jury on income tax evasion in 1925
bk5-19 Extortion Charge 10/19/1931 Trenton Times Two of six counts charging Rutherford, Hassan, and Rust with attempting to extort $50,000 from the firm in which the former was secretary.
bk5-19a Sentencing 10/22/1931 Trenton Times Michael Florman gets a 2-year jail term and a fine of $2,000.
bk5-19a Mistaken Identity 10/21/1931 Trenton Times Mistake is bared in jail sentence. Wrong person is sentenced.
bk5-19a Extortion Case 10/21/1931 Trenton Times Two men are found not guilty in attempting to extort $50,000 from the iron firm officials.
bk5-19b Narcotic Charge 10/15/1931 Trenton Times Jail term of 16 months and a $500 fine for narcotic charge
bk5-19b Fine 10/20/1931 Trenton Times Three lawyers must pay fines for obstructing justice
bk5-19b Prohibition 10/15/1931 Trenton Times Woman is jailed on liquor charge
bk5-19d Extortion Case 10/15/1931 Trenton Times A witness was brought in to the extortion case to support Hassan, Rutherford, and Rust's that they did not attempt to extort $50,000 from firm officials.
bk5-19e Extension of Time N/A Trenton Times Defense counsel asks for extension of time. Brandle's trial is off until October 27 1931
bk5-18 Jury tampering Oct-31 Trenton - AP Terrence R. Hughes of Trenton cited on charge that he approached the jurors in the trial of Leonard B. Willits, former IRS Agent, who was charged with falsifying income tax returns
bk5-18 Pollution 10/10/1931 Trenton Times Oil company is fined $5,000 for discharging oil into the harbor of New York
bk5-18 Government auction 10/13/1931 Trenton Times Decision whether the government should turn over to purchasers 14 trucks sold at public auction $2,252.50 when their real estimated valued was $9,600 has been reserved by Judge Boyd.
bk5-18 Prohibition 10/14/1931 Trenton Times World War veteran appeared in court on a charge of sale and possession of liquor.
bk5-18 Prohibition 10/16/1931 Trenton Evening Times Enforcement Department's legal staff considered possible action against policemen whom Federal agents charge with releasing eight alleged beer-running trucks after the agents had seized the loaded vehicles.
bk5-18a Indictment 10/9/1931 Newark News Witness testified that Weinberger personally approved the issuance of the circular which is the basis of the indictment against Weinberger charging abuse of the mails.
bk5-18a 18th Amendment 10/16/1931 Trenton Times The end of the case in which Judge Clark ruled the 18th Amendment illegal was heard .
bk5-18a Trial postponment 10/16/1931 Trenton Times Brandle trial is postponed
bk5-18f Auction 10/17/1931 Trenton Times 10 Government owned properties at Brooklawn, N.J. would be sold at auction.
bk5-18f Prohibition 10/16/1931 Trenton Times Man gets fine of $500 for unlawful operation of a still
bk5-18g Liquor cases 10/19/1931 Trenton Times 40 liquor cases are disposed of by Judge Bourquin in 4 Minutes.