Index of Articles for The United States District Court of New Jersey Historical Society

File name General Topic Date of article Newspaper Synopsis
bk6-2-1 Government 5/12/1947   Attorney General Clark carrying out Presidential order to screen out Federal employees associated with totalitarian, Fascist, Communist or subversive organizations
bk6-6-1 Legal profession 11/12/1945 Philadelphia Record Public lack of confidence in the legal profession upsets Justice Royal A. Stone
bk6-11-1 Embezzlement 7/14/1946 The American Weekly Anna Callahan of Trenton squanders embezzled thousands to purchase the affection of a few passing friends
bk6-13-1 Anti-trust case 3/12/1946 New York Times Government antitrust case against GE resumes before Judge Forman - federal attorney calls GE an "all-embracing monopoly"
bk6-13-2 Anti-trust case 3/13/1946 New York Times Witness says GE spent $27,000,000 on research and development; the government charges GE's position of leadership arose from monopolistic activities
bk6-15-1 judgeship 10/11/1946 Princeton Herald Judge Clark fighting to regain judgeship which he vacated temporarily to go to war and which the U.S. Government said would be waiting for him upon his return
bk6-15-2 judgeship 5/13/1946 Newark News A bill proposing to give New Jersey a sixth federal district court judge is before the House judiciary committee
bk6-17-1 medical     Dinshah P. Ghadiall, self-styled metaphysician, on trial for violation of the Federal Pure Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act - "longest trial in Camden history" (2 months)
bk6-19-1 Judge Forman 12/20/1946 Trenton Evening Times All branches of the armed forces are represented on Federal Jduge Phillip Forman's staff
bk6-21-1 Judge Avis     photo of Honorable John Boyd Davis
bk6-25-1 Portal pay suits Jan-47 New York Times The master bill to end portal-to-portal back pay suits was introduced today with powerful assured backing
bk6-25-2 Opinion 1/8/1947 Journal American Westbrook Pegler discusses aspects of Joe Fay's Jersey trial before Judge Meaney
bk6-25-2a Opinion 1/8/1947 Journal American continuation of Westbrook Pegler article discussing aspects of Joe Fay's Jersey trial before Judge Meaney
bk6-29-1 Refinancing 1/15/1947 Trenton Times First Mechanics Bank stock plan awaits court ruling - a refinancing proposal was adopted despite objections
bk6-29-2 Refinancing 1/14/1947 Trenton Times A Federal Court action before District Judge Philip Forman is pending in an effort to block the proposed recapitalization of First-Mechanics Bank
bk6-29-3 Bankruptcy 1/13/1947 Trenton Times Judge Philip Forman offered a plan for the reorganization of the Hotel Realty Company, owners of the Stacy-Trent
bk6-31-1 tax evasion 1/14/1947 Journal American Joseph S. Fay, convicted labor racketeer, denied all claims in the Government's tax evasion trial against him
bk6-31-2 tax evasion 1/15/1947   A jury of 11 persons acquitted Joseph S. Fay of income tax evasion
bk6-31-3 Indictment 1/16/1947   Federal Judge John C. Knox ordered dismisssal of four indictments charging State Attorney General Walter D. Van Riper with a check-kiting conspiracy and violating Government gasoline rationing
bk6-35-1 impersonating officer 1/14/1947 Trenton Times John Palanski, a 19 year old Polish youth was charged with impersonating an officer and obtaining army funds fraudulently
bk6-35-2 indictment 1/16/1947 Trenton Times Judge John C. Knox ordered dismissals of four indictments against Walter D. Van Riper, thus closing further prosecution of the sate official and three co-defendants
bk6-37-1 jurors in question 1/16/1947 NY Journal American Two women on the jury which acquitted Joseph S. Fay, convicted of income tax evasion, were revealed as relatives of city employees in the domain of the Hague political machine
bk6-39-1 tax evasion 1/16/1947 Trenton Times Joseph S. Fay, AFL building trades union leader, was acquitted by a jury on charges of evading $118,879 in income tax payments from 1940 to 1942
bk6-39-2 jury selection 1/10/1947   A jury was selected in Federal Court, Newark to hear the trial of Joseph S. Fay, AFL union leader
bk6-41-1 jurors in question      
bk6-43-2 Editorial 1/20/1947 Newark Evening News "Character" witnesses in the Fay case are forced to stultify themselves and speak words which may bring shame and embarrassment, what value is his testimony if he cannot be disinterested or candid.
bk6-43-3 experimental role 1/16/1947 Camden Courrier "Guinea Pig" role saves a "Conchie" from jail stretch
bk6-43-4 Governor Driscoll 1/21/1947 Trenton Evening Times Objections by the SEC to expenses incurred by Gov. Alfred E. Driscoll while trustee for the Ritz-Carlton in A.C. were brushed aside by U.S.D.J. Forman
bk6-45-1 District Court Rules 1/19/1947 Bulletin Judge can upset guilty verdict under new District Court rule
bk6-45-2 acquittal 1/17/1947 Record Loss of a court reporter's stenotype notes frees perjury suspect
bk6-47-1 "Spectrochrome"     Dinshah Ghadiali faces 12 years in jail, $12,000 fine for violating the Federal Pure Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act
bk6-47-2 "Spectrochrome" 1/31/1947 Camden Courrier Ghadiali fined $20,000, ordered to halt "cures"
bk6-49-3 impersonating MP officer 1/31/1947 Camden Courrier A former soilder, posing as a military policeman, was jailed at Ft. Dix for looting bags of returning Gis
bk6-55-1 financial reorganization 1/22/1947 Trenton Times The Hotel Realty Company received tentative approval of a plan for financial reorganization
bk6-61-1 "Spectrochrome" 2/1/1947 Camden Courrier Ghadiali fined $20,000, ordered to halt "cures"
bk6-63-1 "Spectrochrome" 1/28/1947 Courier-Post Cost of Ghadiali trial runs into "big dough"
bk6-63-2 "Spectrochrome" 1/8/1947 Philadelphia Inquirer Ghadiali guilty of violating federal laws
bk6-63-3 "Spectrochrome" 1/7/1947 The Evening Bulletin Jury deliberates on "cure" inventor, Dinshah P. Ghadiali
bk6-67-1 tax evasion - Fay case     Grand Jury plans to investigate U.S. Attorney Rossebach's prosecution in the Joseph S. Fay income tax evasion case
bk6-67-2 tax evasion - Fay case     continuation of above article
bk6-67-3 tax evasion - Fay case     D.A. Frank S. Hogan criticized the difficulty in obtaining information from big contractors in Fay tax probe
bk6-67-4 tax evasion - Fay case     Fay case criticized by grand jurors
bk6-68-1 tax evasion - Fay case 2/5/1947 Newark Evening News Grand Jury probes handling of Fay case, calls Rossbach prosecution inept
bk6-68-1a tax evasion - Fay case 2/5/1947 Newark Evening News continuation of above article
bk6-69-1 tax evasion - Fay case 2/6/1947 Newark Evening News Cartoon - "Another Look" regarding the grand jury in the Fay case
bk6-70-1 tax evasion - Fay case 2/6/1947 Newark Evening News The grand jury's powers in the Fay case
bk6-70-2 tax evasion - editorial page 2/5/1947 Journal American Opinion of Westbrook Pegler - "Clark Responsibility in Fay Case Studied"
bk6-71-1 tax evasion - Fay case 2/12/1947 Newark News Jury defers further inquiry in Fay case after hearing definite assurances that a thorough government investigation is underway
bk6-71-2 tax evasion - editorial page 2/10/1947 Inquirer Unioneer gets a timid urge for reforms
bk6-71-3 tax evasion - Fay case 2/13/1947 Newark News McGregor, assistant to U.S. Attorney General Clark appears before grand jury in Newark after receiving telegram from jury foreman in probe of Fay trial
bk6-71-4 tax evasion - Fay case 2/13/1947 Newark News continuation of above article
bk6-71-5 tax evasion - editorial page     The public remains uninformed as to how long the inquiry into Rossbach's prosecution of the Fay case will last
bk6-72-1 tax evasion - Fay case 2/26/1947   Jury finds reports by U.S. Officials end the need for inquiry
bk6-72-2 tax evasion - Fay case     Rossbach is cleared by jurors
bk6-72-3 tax evasion - Fay case     continuation of above article
bk6-72-4 tax evasion - Fay case 3/17/1947 Newark News Fay faces civil suit on taxes, new action planned over payments by contractors
bk6-75-1 naturalization 2/16/1947 Trenton Times Woman seeking naturalization claims she never knew Nazis persecuted Jews, Christians
bk6-75-2 work stoppages 2/14/1947 Trenton Times Judge Forman upholds Thermoid suit against unions for damages arising from work stoppage
bk6-76-1 U.S. Atty Chief Aide Resigns     Charles A. Stanziale resigned as chief assistant to U.S. Attorney, but denies any friction with Rossbach
bk6-76-1a U.S. Atty Chief Aide Resigns     continuation of article on resignation of Stanziale
bk6-77-1 Trenton Brith Sholom Lodge 2/27/1947 Trenton Evening Times Judge Forman presented gifts to the two surviving charter members of the Trenton Brith Sholom Lodge at its recent 40th Anniversary banquet